As the executing institution of the protocol regarding the operations of the United Nations University International Institute for Software Technology in Macao, and on behalf of the Macao Foundation, I would like to extend our warmest congratulations on your 30th anniversary.

Since its inauguration in Macao, the UNU-IIST has been faithfully fulfilling its mission in fostering talents and professionals in software technology for developing countries and territories, to create more opportunities and conditions for them to compete in the international market. The UNU-IIST has also served as an ideal international platform to conduct exchanges and mutual cooperation between peoples of the developed and developing countries and territories, to advance knowledge and promote human development.

The UNU-IIST has made significant contributions to the development of China over the years of operation, by developing one of the first computer-based railway scheduling solutions for China and promoting IT education in higher education institutions, among others.

The UNU-IIST has contributed in connecting Macao with the world, not only through person-to-person exchanges, but also in providing essential assistance and technologies in introducing Internet into Macao in the 1990s, and in laying the foundation for Macao’s e-government in the 2000s.

Thanks to the Institute’s expertise, the Virtual Library of Macao, an initiative by the Macao Foundation, came into being in the year 2000. Today the Virtual Library of Macao is still the largest online source of Macao publications and the first point of reference for academics and readers at home and abroad to approach to knowledge related to Macao.

Looking ahead, I am confident that the UNU-IIST will continue to respond to the current challenges of human development, by addressing the key issues of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through its long-established tradition in researching and developing high-impact innovations and frontier technologies, which in turn will help in achieving the SDGs.